Home Insurance

Protecting your assets

You will most probably be familiar with how you protect your property, using buildings and home contents insurance. For most people their property is their most valuable asset, so it is essential you have the correct amount of cover to ensure those assets are adequately protected. All mortgage lenders require borrowers to arrange adequate property insurance prior to completing their property purchases. We provide building insurance from a single product provider.

Contents insurance

Protecting your belongings against damage or theft is important. Many options can be considered under the contents option. It is not compulsory to have contents insurance but it is highly recommended.

House insurance for landlords

As a landlord, you need to plan for several seen and unforeseen circumstances related to your rental property, such as: building and repair costs as they occur, accidental damage to building, malicious damage that may be caused deliberately by tenants, tenant re-housing in case of an emergency in your building, protection against public claims for personal injury or simply loss of rent.

Income Protection

It’s not a nice thing to think about but you might not always be healthy. And if you’re not, the first thing you and your family will miss is your income. If you’re sick or have an accident you may need a replacement income until you get back to work. If you’re wondering how you and your family might cope without an income, stop wondering and let us work it out for you.